Hotel Email

Why have I received an email from ?

You have recently made a reservation with a property who are using Caterbook as their Hotel Reservation Management Software.

The domain is used by Caterbook to enable client properties to send authenticated email relating to specific reservations, only to their guests. It is not a source of bulk, "spam" email.

Caterbook Ltd is a company registered in Bodmin, UK with Company Number 05360183, and their website at

Caterbook also provides payment services to properties under the brand Caterpay.

In the context of any email you may have received, Caterbook is a data processor on behalf of the property where the reservation was made. Any queries you might have about your personal information should be directed to the designated data controller at the property in the first instance.

Caterbook is unable to assist you with any enquiry about your reservation, you should contact the property directly.